How do you pronounce plumeria?

The word plumeria has four syllables.


Plu as in Pluto
Mare or Mar as in Mary
Ree as in Reef
Ya or A as in Alive

The plural form is spelt plumerias.

If you hear someone start saying the word plumeria by saying plum, as in the fruit, or plum as in plumber, it’s likely they have never heard of the word and know nothing about the plant species.

How do you say frangipani?

The word frangipani has 4 syllables.


Fran as in Frank
Jee as in Jeep
Pan as in Frying Pan
Knee or Ni as in Nickle

The syllables Fran and Pan are pronounced very differently depending on country and accent however they should have a similar pronunciation and should rhyme.

The word frangipani is sometimes shortened to just frangi. This is pronounced frang-jee and the plural form is spelt frangis and pronounced fran-jees.


Is the frangipani native to Australia?

The frangipani originates from central America.

By some definitions, if a plant species has harmoniously coexisted with other plants for several generations, it can be considered a native in that area. In many parts of Australia, the frangipani has done this so it may be considered a native Australian plant to some extent.

The native frangipani is a true native to Australia (and New Guinea) but it’s not only a different species, it belongs to a different genus.

Where do frangipanis originate from?

Frangipanis originate from the Central America regions including Mexico, The Caribbean and Polynesia. Frangipanis also grow wild in northern South American countries including Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and brazil.

What is a plumeria?

Plumeria is a genus of plants in which there a numerous species. Most species are small trees, deciduous and have scented flowers. Plumeria are often called frangipani.

What is a frangipani?

A frangipani is small tree originating from Mexico and Central America. They are known mostly because of their fragrant flowers. There are hundreds of flower variations, each with a different scent.