Which frangipani varieties are the hardiest?

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Which frangipani varieties are the hardiest?

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The hardiest of frangipanis is the species known as plumeria rubra (also known as frangipani rubra). Frangipani rubra varieties come in a range of flower colours including the traditional white with yellow throat, pink and orange.

Almost all frangipanis in Sydney are frangipani rubra. Frangipani rubra grow well in the coastal areas and the residential areas of Sydney.

Frangipanis do not like the cold and winter morning frost can damage and kill frangipani plants. If you are hoping to grow a frangipani in Melbourne, Adelaide, Western Sydney or ruralĀ  Sydney, you need to select a hardy rubra and choose the position most protected from winter frosts.

Some frangipani rubras are more delicate. These tend to be the ones with the dark flowers such as red and Kimberley Sunset.

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