What are the different types of frangipani species?

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Plumeria alba,

Plumeria bahamiensis,

Plumeria bracteata,

Plumeria caracasana,

Plumeria cubensis,

Plumeria jamaicensis,

Plumeria montana

Plumeria obtusa,

Plumeria pudica,

Plumeria rubra (aka Plumeria acuminata and Plumeria acutifolia),

Plumeria stenopetala,

Plumeria stenophylla

Plumeria tuberculata

The Plumeria rubra is the most common frangipani species in Australia. The second most common frangipani is the Plumeria obtusa, which is rare in the colder south and more common in the warmer north. The Plumeria pudica, however, has become very popular in recent years and is arguable the second most popular frangipani species in Australia, more so in the south. 

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