Which frangipani varieties have the strongest scent?

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Which frangipani varieties have the strongest scent?

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The strength of fragrance of frangipani flowers usually varies according to the weather, the season and even the time of day or night so its difficult to compare them.

Frangipani Rubra – Amongst the rubra species, all of our white, yellow, pink and orange varieties produce flowers which can produce a powerful scent. The exception is the red varieties which usually have a mild scent. Some frangipani rubras have a mild or unnoticeable scent but we do NOT stock and do NOT sell them.

Frangipani Obtusa – The Singapore flower often produces a beautiful and strong frangrance. The Petite Pink has a mild fragrance at best.

Frangipani Pudica – The pink flower is scented but the white is not. The white pudica is a hardier plant and has thicker foliage.

Other Species – Other species such as the frangipani stenophylla, the frangipani caracasana, the frangipani serifolia and the frangipani cubensis have a very mild or no scent at all.

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