Is there a blue frangipani flower?

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Is there a blue frangipani flower?

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Yes and no.

Yes, there is a variety called North Queensland Blue.

No, there are many varieties of pink frangipani flowers ranging from reddish pink to purplish pink and from soft pinks to strong pinks. Some people call the stronger darker pink frangipani flowers “purple” and some call them “blue”.

There are various reasons for this divergence including people’s eye construction, cultural and educational backgrounds but I’m going to be brave and add another one, confirmation bias which simply means if a person really wants to see a blue frangipani flower, a flower such as The North Queensland Blue frangipani flower will look blue. If not, the person will see a pink or purple flower.

Even if you see a purple frangipani, you can justify calling it blue. All colours can be made using the three primary colours, red, yellow and blue. Add light (or white) to red and it appears pink. Add blue to red or pink and you see purple. In other words, when you see purple, you are actually seeing red and blue mixed. If you see more blue than red, why not call it blue?

Personally, I see a dull purple so after hoping to see ocean blue or sky blue, I was disappointed. I find it very difficult to sell something, if I don’t feel passionately about it’s value so we sold off our small quantity of blue frangipanis quickly and cheaply and don’t stock any anymore.

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