How much sun do frangipanis need?

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How much sun do frangipanis need?

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Frangipanis grow better if they get some sun every day however sun can sometimes damage some frangipanis in some conditions.

Seedlings can dry up and get sunburnt very easily so it’s best to keep them in a pot in a shady position for their first 2 or 3 years.

If frangipanis in pots, bags or containers are top heavy, the wind can easily blow them over. If a frangipani lies on its side on a hot sunny day, it will get sunburnt. Imagine going to the beach for the first time in the middle of summer and laying in the sun without sun cream. That should remind you of how the sun can burn living tissue that is not used to getting sun.

Some frangipanis with dark flowers and frangipani species with thin branches are more delicate and cannot handle as much sun. They should be grown in the shade for a few years and gradually exposed to the sun. After a frangipani has become sun-hardened, it can be planted into the ground in a sunny position.

How to help a frangipani plant become sun-hardened?

Frangipani plants that are planted into the ground in a position with full sun, will slowly become hardened to the sun. After they grow into an established tree, the will flourish and maintain health and strength more than established frangipani trees with partial sun.

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