What meanings are associated with frangipanis?

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What meanings are associated with frangipanis?

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Endurance and Survival

In many ways, frangipani plants are incredibly tough. Due to their ability to hold moisture, they can survive for a long time without water in very hot conditions. Also, they will only burn, if temperature exceed 250 degrees Celsius. For this reason, frangipani plants symbolize endurance and overcoming difficult situations. Giving a frangipani plant or tree as a gift can symbolize a person enduring a difficult time and coming out alive and well.

Immortality and Reincarnation

Unhealthy frangipanis in moist conditions can sometimes get root-rot which can sometimes spread and kill the whole root system. Even though the roots are no longer feeding the frangipani plant and the plant is essentially dead, frangipanis have the peculiar habit of sometimes producing flowers for days or even weeks afterwards. This apparent life after death explains why in some cultures frangipanis symbolize immortality and reincarnation.

Love and Spiritual Commitment

Frangipani flowers have a simple yet unique shape, soothing aromas and elegant colour combinations. A perfect symbol for love. As mentioned above, frangipani plants are often associated with life after death (also ghosts and spirits) and long-lasting things. Hence, frangipanis often symbolize a lasting bond and a spiritual commitment between two people.

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