How are frangipani flowers grouped?

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How are frangipani flowers grouped?

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Frangipani Species

Firstly, frangipanis with a distinct type of leaf are grouped into a species. Within each species, especially the common 3 species rubra, obtusa and pudcia, there is more than one flower type.

Changing Colours

Many coloured frangipani flowers, notably light pinks and yellows, start off with vibrant colours and fade in sunlight to white. If you look closely, some frangipani flowers have three or more distinct colours, often red, pink, yellow, and orange, however, if you look at a frangipani flower from a distance, its colours will merge and all the flowers will appear a single colour.

Frangipani Flower Colour Groups

Flowers are often grouped according to colour.

Pink (From baby pinks through to dark and hot pinks)

Cream (Mostly white and yellow flowers)

Orange (Includes many tricolours and multi-coloured flowers)

Red (From blackish reds to pinkish reds)

Yellow (with little or no white)

Blues and purples are usually included in the pink category.

Frangipani Flower Shape groups

There are many types of frangipani flowers shapes so naturally its possible to group them according to shape but that’s a subject for another time. Some obvious groups are shells, pinwheels and double flowers.


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