Why does my frangipani plant have small leaves?

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Why does my frangipani plant have small leaves?

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Healthy frangipanis produce green tips on all crowns which in turn produce attractive leaves. Too many leaves and green tips which are too long is probably the result of too much fertilizer in spring or summer. While this looks good for a while, too much growth too fast can lead to several possible problems.

A small number of small leaves on all branch tips is a sign the frangipani plant is not happy. The roots are most likey not feeding well. Frangipanis like heat and a few hours or more each day of direct sunlight is preferred. Frangipanis do not like wet feet. If surrounding plants are watered everyday, the ground is flat and low or the ground is in shade all day, there is likely to be too much water for the frangipani roots. This is likely to stunt growth and can even lead to rot. If rot spreads, the frangipani will eventually die. (see rot check article). If you’re happy the ground is dry enough, the sunlight is enough and there is no rot, it’s likely the roots will slowly get stronger and start feeding properly.

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