Why do people sometimes crop frangipani trees?

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Cropping a frangipani tree has several benefits.

1-A frangipani tree which has grown too tall might obstruct a pleasant view, might overhang a neighbour’s property, might create too much shade and might produce flowers too high to reach. Cropping the frangipani tree back to a 1 or 2 metre stump can improve these concerns.

2-A frangipani tree with too many branches can struggle to keep healthy branches. The branches will compete with each other for nutrients and sunlight. The shorter and lower branches that miss out on sunlight  will often become weak, become soft and will often die. Cropping the frangipani tree back to a 1 or 2 metre stump allows the frangipani to produce new branches which can all get plenty of sunlight and nutrients.


How to crop a frangipani tree?


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