How often do frangipanis need to be pruned?

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How often do frangipanis need to be pruned?

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When frangipani branches are cut off, new shoots can grow from around the cut however it takes many years for the cut to completely heal over. Also, for the next year or two, the new shoots will be small and weak. If you need to prune your frangipani, it’s best to do it so it will not need another prune for another 4 or 5 years.

In fact, frangipanis respond better to cropping (cutting all branches off at half the height or lower) than pruning (cutting a few or some branch tips off).

Letting a small frangipani grow without pruning will result in the most attractive frangipani tree.

An interesting feature of the Hot Pink or Cerise Frangipani is its ability to heal over much quicker than other frangipani varieties.

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