How can I improve the appearance of my frangipanis?

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How can I improve the appearance of my frangipanis?

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If you want to improve the appearance of your frangipani, the first part to think about are the frangipani’s leaves. If you frangipani is small and has old or damaged leaves, you can cut them off with a pair of secateurs. If your frangipani leaves are damaged by fungus, consider spraying a fungicide. If your frangipani has leaves which are smaller than they should be, check the health of your plant and think about how much sun, water and fertilizer it’s getting.

A healthy frangipani will have healthy wood and healthy leaves. A healthy frangipani and a flowering frangipani are NOT the same thing.

There are ways to try to get your frangipani to flower more but on this page, we recommend taking care of your frangipani plant so that it stays healthy and grows larger and stronger each year. As it grows larger, it will naturally produce more and more flowers each year.

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